Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blessed Balance of Library and Children's Museum

Well, here I am in the "quiet" River Room at the Gail Borden Library. I only find myself hear after having been shewed out of the reference section of the library by the horribly ambient noise. The children's section is downstairs. The library is beautiful with a lovely open atrium and half-spiral staircase to the second floor. OPEN atrium implies no floor between the lower level and second story. And indeed that's what we have hear. I don't mind the ambient sounds of a soft chat, shoes on the floor, pages turning, librarians giving directions, patrons asking questions, laptops opening and closing, fingers typing, an occasional guffaw or the ding of the elevator. I do mind children crying, lengthy conversations loud enough to include my ears, phone conversations, field trips, vocally disruptive teens, family meetings,

BUT WAIT, in an effort to relieve myself of these irritants, I moved. I did not complain that the library exhibits more elements of a funny farm than fount of intellect, quiet curiosity, and contemplation. I thought, 'the library is open to all, including the children and babies, homeless residents, dads, moms, meetings, clubs, and teenagers.' So, I moved. Well, the River Room is an assigned quiet space. The library is aware of the particularly louder environment, as libraries go, and have set aside space to all individual quiet study.

RIVER ROOM... hmm, a seeming family of three is enjoying the view of the river but not enough to be contemplating it's presence in a quiet fashion. I can still hear the children crying.

I simply can be hear or there!

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Daisy said...

"...more elements of a funny farm than fount of intellect, quiet curiosity, and contemplation..." Sounds like ours some days! Not always, but often enough.