Monday, February 9, 2009


Does it ever seem as if broken things pile upon you? My mom said that death comes in threes. Is it just possible for broken things to come in threes? Of course, it would feel exponentially greater because of the consistency. Or maybe it's to-do lists. Look at your to-do list. Are three items particularly outstanding? Wouldn't you receive such relieve if just one of the top to-do's just went away. I had three to-do's... paper revision, course summary submission, and a final project. I recently checked off the course summary submission and I felt like dancing in the street. Of course, my husband has banned me from any form of dancing in the street. But I did breathe easier. And the mention of breathing takes me to my next big item on the list, the paper revision.

Did The Etude: a Music Magazine breathe the air of its time? The specific issues in 1915 did breathe the air of its time. The magazine supplemented what schools were teaching in music. The magazine provided music for study and recreation at home. The magazine was an outlet for the advertising of music, instruments, soap, furniture, silver pieces, typewriters, Gramophones, embroidery supplies, train tickets, and other magazines. The magazine published articles discussing fast-breaking practices in education and old tried and true ways to teach violin. And now I need to revise my paper. This process is similar to knitting a sweater, then unraveling it up to the neck and knitting again. My professor might also argue that my 'sweater' had one sleeve at the neck and another around the abdomen.

Next time, I shall discuss the sweater analogy and its wide-spread uses.

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